Artisan Insert Stove

Artisan Insert Stove

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Artisan Insert Stove

Non-Boiler model 5kW (17,000 BTU).

Boiler model 4kW (14,000 BTU) to room, 8kW (27,000 BTU) to water.
Heats 7-8 Radiators.

Fits standard 16” and 18” fireplaces without removing fireback

Additional Features:

  • Primary and Secondary air controls
  • Convection and Radiant heat
  • Improves home energy rating (BER)
  • Air wash for clean glass
  • Environmentally friendly due to Cleanburn Technology
  • Suitable for overnight burning
  • Certified High Chrome internal castings
  • Cast Iron internal back and side bricks
  • Large glass door
  • Easy installation
  • Manufactured to EN13229 and CE tested.
Available in matt black and black enamel finish.