Loxeal 58-11 Pipe Sealant-Thread Sealer


Colour – white
Size – 250ml
Handling cure time – 14-30 min
Medium strength ( can be dismantled )
Functional Cure Time – 1 – 3 hours
Shear Strength ( ISO 10123 ) 6-13 N/mm2
Sealing properties unaffected between -55 to 150 degrees C
Suitable for many fluids – Diesel, Oil, Petrol, Kerosene and Water
Resistant to shock and vibrations

Loxeal 58-11 Pipe Sealant-Thread Sealer


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Loxeal 58-11 Pipe Sealant is an anaerobic methacrylate curing adhesive of medium strength for the sealing of metal thread joints only.
Sealant can be dismantled using larger hand tools ie PTFE tape no longer required.
Is designed for use with pipework which is likely to be removed for maintenance or replacement
WRAS and Gas EN 751-1 approved