How to Measure Floor & Wall Tiles

Measure For Wall & Floor Tiles

Measuring up for wall tiles can be and usually is a tricky job, but if done
correctly, can help to avoid running out of tiles or buying too many tiles and trying to return them.

To Measure a Wall / Floor Area in Square Meters 

  • Measure the Height in Meters
  • Measure the Width in Meters
  • Multiply the Height by the Width
  • Allow another 10% for wastage by multiplying your answer by 1.1

This needs to be completed for each wall that is going to be tiled (Usually 4 walls per room).
Any Windows or Doors can also be measured up and subtracted from the
Total Square Meters of tiles required for the job.

This area will normally be rounded to the nearest box depending on the tile chosen.

To Measure Floor Area in Square Meters 

Take all measurements in metres, makes it easier to calculate how many tiles are required.Next break the floor plan into series of squares or rectangles, giving you the ability to multiply length and width of the individual square or rectangle in question.Then add the totals to get the required answer in metres

Calculation will be 5m x 4m  = 20sq.m + ….sq.m = ….square metres



If Room is a Square or Rectangular

To Measure a Wall Area in Square Yards

  • Measure the Height in Feet and Inches e.g  8ft
  • Measure the Width in Feet and Inches e.g. 6ft
  • Multiply the Height by the Width e.g. 6 x 8 = 20
  • Allow another 10% for wastage by multiplying your answer by 1.1 e.g. 48 x 1.1 = 52.8
  • Divide your total by 9 to work out the Square Yard Measurement – 52.8 / 9 = 5.86 SqYards

If your wall area is not a perfect square or rectangle, divide up the wall
into sections and measure each section in turn and this will give you an accurate measurement.


Calculation if Wall not Square or Rectangular


Cutting Wastage

This step should not be ignored to ensure that one does not run out of materials .It is fundamental that one adds between 10% to avoid running our of tiles, ensuring that after any cutting wastage you will still be able to finish you project.

Please remember that the larger the tile the greater the wastage 

Tile Size                                        Cutting Wastage 

Up to 300mm x 300mm              add additional 10%

600mm x 600mm.                       add an additional 15%

800mm x 800mm                        add an additional 20%

As per the table above eg  4.25 square metres x 10% = 0.425 square metres

Add this to the size of space area 4.25 + 0.425 = 4.675 square metres

And makes sure that you round to the nearest full metre , therefore you need 5 square metres of tiles

“Another option would be to draw out a diagram and take this to
McDaids Bathroom Plumbing Tiles where an experienced staff
member can double check measurements for you”


Cutting Wastage


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