5 Tips For Choosing The Right Bathroom Tap

Which Tap Would Suit My Bathroom?

traditional basin mono mixer tap

traditional basin mono mixer tap

The overall look and functionality of your bathroom fittings and taps can have a major effect on the overall look of your bathroom.
Whether you are designing your bathroom from scratch, replacing your old bathroom, or updating your existing bathroom with a new look,
it is a good idea to think carefully about which type of bathroom taps are best for your requirements while keeping to your own style and taste.
Here is a full and comprehensive explanation of the different types of bathroom tap available.

Monobloc Mixer Taps


The Monobloc Mixer Tap is probably our most popular bathroom tap.
It is a single built unit with one or two tap handles and a spout.
They are suitable for deck mounted taps on baths or basins and have a single hole for the taps.
Monobloc mixer taps can also be used with countertop basins using the taller version of the tap.

Pillar Taps


Pillar Taps generally take the form of two separate taps.  One tap draws hot water and the other draws cold.
The two flow separately into the bath or basin.
These are used with a two tap hole basin.
The bath can be drilled to suit where you want your taps situated.

Mixer Taps

Bathroom Mixer Taps also draw water from both the hot and cold water supply
but mix the two before they flow from a single spout into the bath at a correct temperature.
This can help to prevent drawing water that is scalding hot or too cold.
Some Bath Mixer Taps also incorporate a Shower Mixer allowing you to
divert the water flow from the taps to the shower attachment.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Generally, Freestanding or roll top baths cannot accommodate drilled
Deck Mounted Taps so a Freestanding Bath Tap or Standpipe has to be used.
Freestanding Bath Taps can also incorporate a Shower Handset
Mixer giving your bathroom that contemporary look and feel.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps

Getting ever more popular, the Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap gives a modern feel to any bathroom.
Plumbing for this type of tap is more challenging
however as the pipework needs to be set behind the wall.

Your Choice?

Once you have identified whether you need pillar taps, mixer taps or wall mounted taps, you can begin to consider what style you prefer.
You can Contact Us here at McDaids Bathroom Plumbing Tiles our Sales Staff are experts at which tap would be right for you.
From traditional to contemporary, sleek styles to waterfall spouts we have the bathroom tap to suit your personal preference.