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Aqualisa Launches AQ Collection



The right shower is always available at the right price! This is the commitment behind our new trade range, the AQ Collection, which offers simple, stylish and affordable solutions for every bathroom. Featuring bar valves, single lever and dual lever thermostatic mixer showers, the versatile new collection offers more choice at great value with the same ease of installation. So, which AQ is for you?

AQ Round Bar Valves

Our classic AQ round bar valves, AQ75 and AQ150, form the basis of this new mixer shower range. Known for its great value and reliability, the AQ75, with a single outlet adjustable shower head, is suitable for all UK water systems while the AQ150, with an adjustable shower head and fixed drencher head, offers more flexible showering but only works with high-pressure water systems.

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AQ Square Bar Valves

The extended AQ Collection now includes a popular, contemporary square bar valve which is available as a single (AQSQBAR1) or dual outlet (AQSQBAR2), both with the same quality look and performance. The AQSQBAR2 also features a unique telescopic shower column, allowing for flexible siting, and underlining the ease of installation of the whole range. Our square bar valves also have a cool touch feature, preventing the metal from heating up when in use. This additional safety feature makes them a great option for families with young children and elderly people.


AQ Concentric Valves (Single or Dual Lever)

Easy installation is nowhere better demonstrated than with the new AQ dual lever valve (AQDL1), which is supplied as both a concealed and exposed model in the same box.  This one-box solution gives installers real flexibility with their pipework, whether for new or retro-fit installs and, of course, provides the style choice, with a high-quality chrome finish, to suit all tastes. Our AQ single lever valve (AQSL1) also provides reliable and satisfying showering, offered as a modern, minimalist design at an affordable price.


The AQ Collection includes the following products:

  1. AQ Round Bar Valve AQ75BAR 
  2. AQ Round Shower Column AQ150BAR
  3. AQ Exposed Sequential Valve AQSL1
  1. AQ Concealed/Exposed Concentric Valve AQDL1
  2. AQ Square Bar Valve AQSQBAR1

AQ Square Shower Column AQSQBAR2All include Aqualisa’s exceptional, five-year parts and labour guarantee 

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